We feel that people like to use the term “specialist” a little too readily nowadays (our dog walker is now an outdoor pet exploration specialist).  But below are some of the areas we have the most experience in. 




If you don’t see your “specialist” area above, don’t worry. We’re specialists in adapting to your needs. We have supported clients in a wide range of areas including law, health and administration. There may be industries we haven’t worked with, but we’ve had great success in very niche areas and we have no doubt we can be successful in yours.  Industries can seemingly appear overnight, ten years ago if you were looking for a “machine learning engineer” or a “social media influencer” you’d sound like you’d watched too much Star Trek.

To be honest, if you were a villain from James Bond, looking to start up an evil volcanic island base, we’d provide the staffing, but you’d need to provide the evil laugh and volcano.

We know we find great people for most sectors, but we’re big enough to know when you might be better served by someone else, and we’ll happily recommend them.

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