At TS Staffing Group we approach things a little differently

We know deciding to make a move in your career can be a huge decision. Or looking for work if you are between contracts can be stressful. We will try to help wherever we can, not just where we can make a fee.

Here is what we can expect from us:

We will treat you like an individual, not just a faceless list of job titles.

A refreshing breath of honesty. Whether you need to smarten up your CV (maybe even your look), or need to improve your approach to interviews or applications; we will give you the feedback you need to hear.

We have the utmost respect for you as a professional, so we won’t send your CV to everyone we can in the hope there is a slim chance a company could be interested in your profile and the extremely unlikely chance you’d want to work with them too. We’re about matching people with jobs and jobs with people, your success is our success.

We won’t leave you feeling abandoned when you sign the contract and you never hear from us again. This is a professional relationship and one that we hope will be ongoing.

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